Kazakhstan to establish Drilling and Production Research Institute

Kazakhstan is establishing a research institute on Driling and Production Research. This wil help with educate and further R&D for KazMunaiGas. Originally posted to TengriNews on 27.02.2014:


A research institute of oil drilling and production will soon be created in Kazakhstan,Tengrinews reports citing KazMunaiGas Chairman Sauat Mynbayev.

“We will develop a new facility to research oil drilling and production that will become KazMunaiGas’ technological center that hold all the design documents for all the stages of exploration, drilling, production and all the technologies used for development of the fields of KazMunaiGas. They won’t be just stored there, but the institute will be their sole developer,” Mynbayev said during a meet of KazMunaiGas board this week.

Two existing institutes located in Aktau and Atyrau – Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas being one of them – will be integrated into the new Institute. “They will be monitoring correct implementation of technologies at the fields, as design supervisors, together with the new R&D establishment,” he explained.

“What we have now is that one institute develops design documents, another institute brushes them up and some third institute runs the designer supervision. The situation has to be changed and the field audit should be stepped up. Only exactly what the documents made by the institutes prescribe should be done in the fields,” Mynbayev added.

The enhanced supervision will help improve the quality of work done by local contractors at oil fields. Besides, the new establishment’s cooperation with institutes may finally help fill the gap between education and the actual industry in Kazakhstan.

However, there may be a different side to the new development. KazMunaiGas is entitled to have a share in all the projects that are considered strategic for Kazakhstan. So the plans to transfer all the design documents and technologies used in KazMunaiGas fields might as well mean that technologies from foreign-operated giants like Tengiz and Kashagan may be part of the transfer as well. Foreign companies are very keen to guard their technological secrets and now it remains to be seen whether they will be asked to give them up.


Kazakhstan to meet challenges set out in State of Nation Address – Professor S. Mirkassymov

Uzbek Professor S. Mirkassymov says Kazakhstan is on its way to achieveing its Kazakhstan 2050 goals. Also, Kazakhstan is close to becoming one of the top 30 most developed countries. Originally posted to Stretegy 2050 KZ on 21.12.2013:


“The Kazakhstan’s way of development and achievements in all spheres allows to be confident that Kazakhstan to cope worthy with all tasks set out in the Address by the Head of State,” Professor at the Academy of State and Social Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan Surat Mirkasymov.

“I’d like the Presidential Address sounded on January 17, 2014. The goal to join the top-30 developed countries of the world is of great interest. I suppose the Kazakhstan’s way of development and achievements in all spheres allows to be confident that Kazakhstan to cope worthy with all tasks set out in the Address by the Head of State,” S. Mirkassymov stated.

The Address includes the most important landmarks of the country for today and the future: the opening of new factories and power plants, road construction and development in general transport and communication infrastructure, railways, agricultural development, support for small and medium businesses, to improve public health,” Mr. Mirkassymov  resumed.  

Foreigners may obtain group visas during EXPO-2017

Kazakhstan will allow foreigners to obtain group visas for Expo 2017. This will help bring more people to come to the Expo and Kazakhstan. Originally posted to BNews.kz on 12.02.2014:


Foreigners will be able to obtain group visas during EXPO-2017 . The vice-chairman of industry tourism committee of Ministry of Industry and New technologies Aset Musagaliyev said during the “Astana-Moscow-Kiev-Kishinev-Yerevan” video bridge devoted to the CIS tourism development, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“I want to remind, that in 2017 Kazakhstan will host EXPO-2017. Kazakhstan carryies out a number of actions aimed at the creation of favorable conditions for foreign guests,” Musagaliyev said. 

“The project on group visa obtaining is being developed on the platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most likely such group visa will allow 15 foreigners at the same time to see Expo-2017. But also there is the second variant considered, – visa free regime,” Aset Musagaliyev noted.



Kazakhstan improves market dominance indicator by 5 positions in Global Competitiveness Report-ACP

Kazakhstan has improved its market dominance. It has advanced to 78th place in the Global Competitiveness Report from 83rd. Originally posted to BNews.kz on 05.02.2013:


Kazakhstan improved market dominance indicator by five positions in Global Competitiveness Report, the Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for competition protection G.Orazbakov told during the enlarged panel session of the Agency under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister B.Sultanov.

“The international cooperation has been optimized. Kazakhstan improved market dominance indicator by five positions from 83 to 78 place in Global Competitiveness Report. However, the indicator on intensity of local competition fell by seven positions,” Galim Orazbakov noted.

In order to improve the position of the indicator “intensity of local competition” it is decided to improve procedures for determining the development of competition, which involves consideration of two indicators – the “intensity of the regional competition” and the level of monopolization of key sectors of the economy” at a meeting of the Government in January this year, official website of Strategy 2050 reported.

“However, in 2013 the Government supported the initiative of the ACP to develop the Common Procurement Law, which will be mandatory for all types of procurement, except for the state. This is due to the fact that in the procurement system of Kazakhstan there is fragmentation and lack of a unified approach,” G.Orazbakov told.  


Medical school will be opened on the basis of Nazarbayev University in 2015


In Kazakhstan medical school will be opened on the basis of Nazarbayev University in 2015, scientist, microbiologist, chairman of the Board of JSC “National Medical Holding” Kennet Alibek said at the CCS media briefing.

“As you know, cancer center will be opened at the medical holding. To date, department of brain tumors, the department of general oncology, departments for child patients were created. The opening of the oncosurgery departments is in process. As part of the center, we create the technology now, and work independently and with our partners,” K.Alibek told.

According to him, holding must become an innovation center, which will develop the transfer of new technologies in Kazakhstan.

“Meanwhile, the holding company, subsidiary of the Nazarbayev University, has to create medical school in 2015 by world standards. Teaching will be conducted entirely in English, the best elements will used in Kazakhstan, “he added.


Government should help foreign companies to start manufacturing in Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev


The government should help the foreign companies to start manufacturing in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said delivering annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan during joint meeting of upper and lower houses of parliament today, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

“We need a special plan to gradually increase funding specific development of science and discovery, working for the country and bring it to the indicators of the developed countries,” President of the Republic of Kazakhstan said.

“It is necessary to establish joint projects with foreign companies and establish engineering centers,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

We need to encourage the foreign companies to create production and open maintenance and service companies here. So that, the government should help with resources and opportunities. I know that many large companies are willing to do it,” the President said. 

A national coalition of democratic forces “Kazakhstan-2050” discussed topical issues of trade union activities

Today, in the Palace of Independence a nationwide coalition of democratic forces “Kazakhstan-2050”, under the auspices of the “Nur Otan” party, has held a meeting, reports the press service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The meeting was attended by the First Deputy Chairman of the “Nur Otan” party Baibek B.K., the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sagintaev B.A., the Minister of Labour and Social Protection Duisenova T.K., Parliament deputies, public figures, leaders of political parties, national associations of workers and employers, NGOs and independent experts Kazakhstan”, – said in a statement.

At the meeting the draft Law “On Trade Unions” was discussed, issues of trade unions activities, such as, social partnership and representing of the workers’ interests also were discussed. During the meeting, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Tamara Duisenova noted that the draft bill “On Trade Unions” is aimed at strengthening trade unions, the prevention of social and labor conflicts, protection of labor rights and interests of workers.

The draft law provides for improving the status and importance of trade unions in the social partnership. The law creates a legal framework to increase motivation of union membership at all levels of social partnership by: the trade unions have a priority right to represent the workers’ interests and to represent workers in negotiations, the empowerment of commissions on social partnership.

Originally posted to Strategy2050.kz on 19.12.2013:


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has identified 20 priority countries – investors

Along with several ministries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified 20 priority countries – investors to build closer relationships. This was announced today at a briefing in central Service under the President said the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Idrisov.

“In accordance with the Message of the President of Kazakhstan, and in accordance with the Strategy-2050 one of the most important foreign policy priorities is the development of economic diplomacy.

Currently, Kazakhstan is one of the leaders in terms of attracted foreign direct investments in the economy. Between 2005 and 2013 the republic attracted 173 billion U.S. dollars of foreign direct investment. Only during the last 5 years it was attracted more than $100 billion”, – said Mr. Idrisov. As the head of the department, it says that the adopted programs, such as a program for accelerated industrial development, are successful.

“Together with a number of ministries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified 20 priority countries-investors, to build closer relationships especially in terms of attracting advanced technologies”, – said the head of the Ministry.

Note that this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a series of roundtables with the participation of foreign investors, at he roundtables were discussed issues of attracting of foreign labor, protection of the rights of foreign investors, creating a national Chamber of entrepreneurs, small and medium business development.

Originally posted to Strategy2050 on 19.12.2013:


Development of Kazakh-Croatian cooperation

A reception on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of Croatian government officials, businessmen and public figures and heads of foreign diplomatic missions was held in Zagreb, the press service of the Kazakh Embassy to Croatia informs. Originally posted to inform on 13.12.2013:


Addressing the guests at the reception, charge d’affaires of Kazakhstan to Croatia Tolezhan Barlybayev noted under President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s wise leadership Kazakhstan has successfully overcome hardships of the last decade, formed as an independent state, created market economy, infrastructure and civil society institutes.

It was also said that the “Kazakhstan-2050” Development Strategy has mapped out a new route for the country to enter a new stage of its historical development. Strong nation, stability and sustainable economic growth securing the gradual promotion of living standards in Kazakhstan are indispensable in achieving the goals outlined in the strategy.

“Croatia’s accession to the EU has opened up new opportunities for the development of Kazakh-Croatian cooperation. Despite the fact that trade turnover between the two countries has doubled last year and reached $300 million, it still does not correspond to the potential of our economies,” the embassy’s press release reads.

Video materials, photo albums and books about Kazakhstan were presented at the reception. Big photo show themed “Modern Kazakhstan” of the Croatian amateur photographer from Zagreb organized on the eve of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day has sparked intense public interest.

Kazakhstan to retain level of state support to agriculture after entering WTO

Kazakhstan’s accession into the WTO is not going to affect the level of state support to agriculture, Gulmira Issaeva, Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

“We have plans to increase the state support that won’t affect Kazakhstan’s accession into the WTO in any way, because we are within the limits set for the countries,” the Vice-Minister said. She pointed out that during the entering the WTO every country negotiates its accession terms, and state support to the agriculture sector is one of such terms.

“Agrobusiness 2020 program involves rising the subsidies 4.5 times. This fits within the WTO limits: no more than 10% for newly entering countries. With all the state support tools taken into account, the state support to agriculture will make 6.3% for Kazakhstan after the increase,” – she explained.

Also,  the public assistance in form of the reimbursement of the funds aimed at the establishment of  new or expansion of existing production capacities in the key sectors of agribusiness will be introduced to reduce the capital intensity and payback period of the investment projects.

Additionally, new tools of public support in the form of financial recovery, investment subsidies, insurance and loan guarantee, taking steps to improve the mechanism of mandatory crop insurance and livestock insurance in the introduction are predicted. “KazAgro” National Holding provides up to 300 billion tenge for financial recovery of program at the financial market. Above 10 trillion tenge of private funds is expected to be attracted to the agro industrial sector.

Originally posted to tengrinews.kz on 16.12.2013:


Strategy2050.kz on 14.12.2013:

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