Kazakhstan President’s Speech

Landmarks of the Modern Education, Training and Re-Training System

Developing an Engineering Education System

Taking the “Kazakhstan 2050” policy into account I task the Government, starting from 2013, to develop an engineering education system that provides education in modern technical specialties with international standard certification. Vocational and higher education should be oriented to the current and prospective demands of the national economy in. This will assist in resolving employment issues for the population.

Higher education institutions should not limit themselves to purely educational functions. They should create and improve their applied science and R&D divisions.
Those higher education institutions that have been guaranteed the academic autonomy must not limit themselves to improvement of their curricula and must actively develop their R&D activities.

Developing A System of Social Responsibility in Education

The social responsibility of the private business, non-government and charity organizations should be demonstrated in the sphere of education.

We must focus first of all, on providing assistance to youth who are unable to pay their education, in gaining worthy education.

It is necessary:

• To create a network of the public-private partnership for development of the 
higher and medium education.
• Develop an a multistage system of the education grants.
• Create a specialized education system of the R&D and applied education 
including regional specializations across the whole country.
• To fix in Law the obligatory production practice at enterprises starting from the 
second course of education.

Modernization of Teaching Methods

We expect to implement modernization of teaching methods and actively develop online education systems, creating regional school centers.

We should intensively introduce innovative methods, solutions and tools into the home, including the distance education and online education that is affordable for all.

Remove outdated scientific and educational disciplines, with simultaneously improving demand in new areas.

To change directionality and accents of the curricula of the medium and higher education, including teaching practical skills and gaining practical qualifications.
Create entrepreneurship oriented curricula, educational courses and institutions.

New Innovative Research Development Policy

As the global experience demonstrates, recreating the whole innovative production cycle in a separate country means reinventing the wheel. It is a very expensive and not always fruitful, productive activity. A separate scientific base founded on the experience of generations of scientists, terabytes of information and knowledge and historically established scientific schools is needed for the success.

Not all countries are able to stay on the edge of new technological wave, to create absolute innovations. This is what we have to clearly realize.

Therefore we should establish a realistic and pragmatic strategy.
We must concentrate on the non-capital-intensive research and development.

Technology Transfer

We must transfer the necessary technologies and training the specialists for their implementations. EXPO-2017 must give an impetus to this process and help us to elect the newest technologies for development of the future energy.

We are a young nation and we will make it.

Besides, we can actively participate in large-scale international R&D projects. This will enable us to integrate the efforts of our scientists with Foreign R&D specialists on strategic innovative directions. Our aim is to become a part of the global technological revolution.

Cooperation of Science and Business

• In 2013 we must take measures to gain the full cooperation of science and business. I task the Government to unveil the intersectoral areas with the technology transfer ability and to create a demand from the large subsoil users and national companies.

Roadmap of Development for Prospective National Clusters

• Develop clear Roadmaps of development for prospective national clusters.
• Accelerate legislation defining private-public partnerships. Our aim is to introduce the most advanced tools and mechanisms of these partnerships.
• Revision legislation that regulates copyrights and patents. The Government should analyze all previously issued patents and registered copyrights by 2014 for their probable commercialization. 
I would like to especially address to our youth.

My announcement today of a new political and economic course is aimed
 to provide you with the best possible education, which will mean an even better future. I rely on you, the new generation of Kazakhstan. You should become a powerhouse of this policy. 
As the Head of State I have done my
best to provide you with all necessary
conditions for your education and growth.
I have created a world class University, intellectual school and established the Bolashak program. 
A new concept of the Youth State Policy is underway. All conditions will be created for you. 
The State makes everything to open new opportunities for you. Today you have opportunities your parents wouldn’t even dream about. 
Remember: your personal success is success of your parents, the success of your relatives, the success your families, the success of all your fellow citizens and most of all the success of our Homeland.