Kazakhstan President’s Speech

A Policy Promoting National Interests & Strengthening Global Security

Nevertheless, the international situation and geopolitical environment has changed dramatically. In some circumstances this has not been a favorable change. There is
a giant arc of instability from Northern Africa and the Middle East to North-East Asia. Given these changes that the role of the regional security mechanisms has increased. Organizations such as the UN, OSCE, NATO, CSTO, SCO, CICA and others gain greater importance.

New national security threats have appeared in Central Asia. Just as we have sought to modernize our domestic policy we need to consider the impact of regional and global changes and modernize our foreign policy.

Foreign policy modernization priorities

• Strengthen regional and national security by all means;

• Actively develop economic and trade diplomacy;

• Intensify international cooperation in cultural, humanitarian, scientific and education fields;

• Enhance the legal protection of our citizens and their personal, family and business

interests abroad;

Development of economic and trade diplomacy

Firstly, the foreign policy promotion of the national interests should be based purely on pragmatic principles.

Our aims are to diversify our foreign policy and develop economic and trade diplomacy to protect and promote national economic and trade interests.
Strengthening regional security

Secondly, we should further understand our responsibility for regional security and make our own contribution to the stabilization of the Central Asia. Our aim is to help eradicate the prerequisites of conflict situations in the region as much as possible.

  • The best way to stabilize the region is through interregional integration. In doing this we can decrease the conflict potential of our region, resolve vital social and economic problems and address water, energy and other contradictory issues.
  • Our voice should be heard in the whole world. Therefore during the Astana economic forum I suggested a new dialogue format, which we named G-Global. 
No single country in the world can overcome the contemporary challenges we all face. The essence of my initiative is to unite all efforts to establish a fair and safe world order.

Contribution to global security

Thirdly, our country should support progressive international initiatives and make its contribution to global security.

  • Together with all interested partners and our neighbors Kazakhstan will strive for immediate political stabilization and restoration of Afghanistan.
  • As an influential OIC participant Kazakhstan is genuinely interested in a peaceful solution to the Middle East 
conflict. It is important that the released energy of people in the Arabic Islamic world is used for creative purposes and serves to resolve the social and economic problems of the region. 
We should bring ourselves economically closer with Asian Pacific countries at an accelerated pace. Not only will it provide us with economic dividends, but will strengthen the equilibrium of our foreign policy.

Strengthening national defense capacity and military doctrine

Fourth, Kazakhstan should strengthen its defense capability and military doctrine and engage in various mechanisms of defensive containment.

  • By developing a national defense model we will cooperate with various countries and organizations.
  • Kazakhstan will closely interact
with its CSTO allies and foster
the improvement of potential and military capability of Collective Rapid Reaction Forces.