Kazakhstan improves market dominance indicator by 5 positions in Global Competitiveness Report-ACP

Kazakhstan has improved its market dominance. It has advanced to 78th place in the Global Competitiveness Report from 83rd. Originally posted to BNews.kz on 05.02.2013:


Kazakhstan improved market dominance indicator by five positions in Global Competitiveness Report, the Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for competition protection G.Orazbakov told during the enlarged panel session of the Agency under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister B.Sultanov.

“The international cooperation has been optimized. Kazakhstan improved market dominance indicator by five positions from 83 to 78 place in Global Competitiveness Report. However, the indicator on intensity of local competition fell by seven positions,” Galim Orazbakov noted.

In order to improve the position of the indicator “intensity of local competition” it is decided to improve procedures for determining the development of competition, which involves consideration of two indicators – the “intensity of the regional competition” and the level of monopolization of key sectors of the economy” at a meeting of the Government in January this year, official website of Strategy 2050 reported.

“However, in 2013 the Government supported the initiative of the ACP to develop the Common Procurement Law, which will be mandatory for all types of procurement, except for the state. This is due to the fact that in the procurement system of Kazakhstan there is fragmentation and lack of a unified approach,” G.Orazbakov told.  


Entrepreneurship development

In the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, an entrepreneur is breeding fish in his pond. The hope of these fish is to be sold to markets by next year. Originally posted to Kazakh TV on 15.10.2013:


The head of the ‘Altyn Balyk’ farm Abdrakhym Kuanyshbayev raises fish in an artificial pond in Zhambyl region. The head of the farm constructed an artificial pond near the vineyard.

– We started with the fact that we increased the small irrigation ditch. Then we put young fish in our pond and started to raise fish. We run a business in fish farm sector for over 4-5 years. 

As this is a profitable business it was decided to increase the pond. There is enough water, as it comes from underground. Abdrakhym went to China to learn how to do it.

–  I have seen how they do it in China. They get tonnes of fish from one small pond. They have learned how to breed them. We will start next year hoping to get 40-50 tonnes of fish.

The farmer is planning to deliver dozens of tonnes of fish to the market as early as next year. Moreover he is preparing documents now for obtaining state subsidy for starting a new business.  

Large and medium business made profit of over 130 billion tenge in Almaty

Large and medium businesses in Almaty have made a profit of 130 million tenge (about $850,000). There has benn growth of small, medium, and large businesses in Almaty that has contributed to the economy. Originally posted to BNews.kz on 17.09.2013:

Thus, the level of profitability made 10.3%. The share of the unprofitable enterprises, among total number of the reported made 38.4%, the message read.

Meanwhile, according to official statistics, the number of the registered legal entities also grows. For September 1, this year their quantity made 94,220 units and increased in comparison with similar date of last year by 6.1%, including 90,922 units numbering workers less than 50 people.

The number of acting legal entities made 42,920 among which small enterprises make 40,145 units. Meanwhile in Almaty 75,675 subjects of small business (legal entities) that is more for 5.9% are registered in comparison with the corresponding period of last year.