The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has identified 20 priority countries – investors

Along with several ministries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified 20 priority countries – investors to build closer relationships. This was announced today at a briefing in central Service under the President said the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Idrisov.

“In accordance with the Message of the President of Kazakhstan, and in accordance with the Strategy-2050 one of the most important foreign policy priorities is the development of economic diplomacy.

Currently, Kazakhstan is one of the leaders in terms of attracted foreign direct investments in the economy. Between 2005 and 2013 the republic attracted 173 billion U.S. dollars of foreign direct investment. Only during the last 5 years it was attracted more than $100 billion”, – said Mr. Idrisov. As the head of the department, it says that the adopted programs, such as a program for accelerated industrial development, are successful.

“Together with a number of ministries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified 20 priority countries-investors, to build closer relationships especially in terms of attracting advanced technologies”, – said the head of the Ministry.

Note that this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a series of roundtables with the participation of foreign investors, at he roundtables were discussed issues of attracting of foreign labor, protection of the rights of foreign investors, creating a national Chamber of entrepreneurs, small and medium business development.

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Large and medium business made profit of over 130 billion tenge in Almaty

Large and medium businesses in Almaty have made a profit of 130 million tenge (about $850,000). There has benn growth of small, medium, and large businesses in Almaty that has contributed to the economy. Originally posted to on 17.09.2013:

Thus, the level of profitability made 10.3%. The share of the unprofitable enterprises, among total number of the reported made 38.4%, the message read.

Meanwhile, according to official statistics, the number of the registered legal entities also grows. For September 1, this year their quantity made 94,220 units and increased in comparison with similar date of last year by 6.1%, including 90,922 units numbering workers less than 50 people.

The number of acting legal entities made 42,920 among which small enterprises make 40,145 units. Meanwhile in Almaty 75,675 subjects of small business (legal entities) that is more for 5.9% are registered in comparison with the corresponding period of last year.