Development of Kazakh-Croatian cooperation

A reception on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of Croatian government officials, businessmen and public figures and heads of foreign diplomatic missions was held in Zagreb, the press service of the Kazakh Embassy to Croatia informs. Originally posted to inform on 13.12.2013:

Addressing the guests at the reception, charge d’affaires of Kazakhstan to Croatia Tolezhan Barlybayev noted under President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s wise leadership Kazakhstan has successfully overcome hardships of the last decade, formed as an independent state, created market economy, infrastructure and civil society institutes.

It was also said that the “Kazakhstan-2050” Development Strategy has mapped out a new route for the country to enter a new stage of its historical development. Strong nation, stability and sustainable economic growth securing the gradual promotion of living standards in Kazakhstan are indispensable in achieving the goals outlined in the strategy.

“Croatia’s accession to the EU has opened up new opportunities for the development of Kazakh-Croatian cooperation. Despite the fact that trade turnover between the two countries has doubled last year and reached $300 million, it still does not correspond to the potential of our economies,” the embassy’s press release reads.

Video materials, photo albums and books about Kazakhstan were presented at the reception. Big photo show themed “Modern Kazakhstan” of the Croatian amateur photographer from Zagreb organized on the eve of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day has sparked intense public interest.

Kazakhstan will join 30 developed world economies

President of the Asian Development Bank Takehiko Nakao has expressed confidence that Kazakhstan will join the 30 developed economies in the world. Originally posted to Inform on BNews 24.10.2013:

“Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and I have discussed 2050 vision, according to which Kazakhstan is aimed to enter the 30 developed economies in the world. I believe that Kazakhstan can achieve this by promoting the diversification of the economy, using the proceeds from the resources of a prudent manner, ensuring good governance , strengthening the institutions in order to promote the efficiency of the private sector,” the Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao said at a briefing.

He noted that the ADB will continue to provide support to Kazakhstan by providing funding for infrastructure, small and medium enterprises.”

Eurasian Economic Commission prepared new agreement about Protection of intellectual property

The Eurasian Economic Commission has prepared an agreement on coordinating actions to protect rights to intellectual properties in the Customs Union. The draft document has been approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission Board and was published on the EEC website on 30 October. Originally posted to BNews on 31.10.2013:

The agreement specifies violations of rights to intellectual property as the turnover of infringing merchandise, violations of intellectual property rights in the Internet, violations of copyright and neighboring rights. In turn, the turnover of infringing merchandise is explained as manufacturing, distribution or other usage, import, transportation or storage of merchandise resulting from intellectual efforts or the means of individualization that violates exclusive rights to such results or such means, BeITA reports.

The draft agreement provides for coordinating actions of the Customs Union member states in preventing, detecting, and investigating violations of rights to intellectual property as well as the improvement of the operation of authorized agencies in this sphere. The document also envisages harmonization and improvement of laws of the Customs Union member states for protecting rights to intellectual properties in the Customs Union.

In line with the agreement the authorized agencies of the Customs Union member states will share information about concrete facts regarding the violations of rights to intellectual property, information about persons involved, reports about the transportation of said merchandise from one country to another resulting in the violations.

The Eurasian Economic Commission Board requests all the Customs Union and Single Economic Space member states to perform the intrastate adjustment of the draft agreement by 1 December.